No meetings: Dec 21 - Jan 1

Messaging Groups for CBC attendees

(On website, look for the red messaging circle on the bottom right of screen.
On CBC app, look for the messaging icon on the top right of the app.)

Custom Bible Reading Plan on CBC App

The CBC Bible Reading Plan offers a 28 day journey through Paul's epistles. It repeats on the first day of each month and includes catch up days on days 29, 30, & 31. If you miss a day, you can go back and access the scheduled reading. When you complete the daily reading, click the "complete" button at the bottom of your reading page to add a check mark for that day. This is a fun feature to help you keep track of your daily Bible reading!
1) Look for the Bible tab on the bottom of the CBC app screen. 
2) Choose the "Plan" feature on the navigation bar.
PLEASE NOTE: the FIRST TIME you open the Bible tab on your app, the default Bible version will not be the KJV. To change to the KJV, you will need to manually select the KJV from the drop down menu. To do so, touch the NIV (or whatever version your app defaulted to).
***It seems like the KJV option is only on Apple devices. We are trying to see if it can be added to Android.***
 A new screen will appear with a listing of other versions.
Select the KJV, as pictured. 
Once you select the KJV, both the Bible text and CBC's custom reading plan will default to the KJV.
***This is a one time settings change.***
There is an audio Bible feature on the Bible tab. The Bible reading plan has an audio feature, too, however, the default is set to the ESV. We are not able to change that at this time and have requested that change with our web platform.

Updated Search Functionality of Media on App

1. Click on the menu bar (three lines in the top left corner).
2. Choose the "Search" option.
3. Search by keywords, topic, or speaker.
All media is still accessible on the CBC app by clicking the Sermons tab.

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